31 January 2016

Plausible simulacrum of progress

Word count screenshot for 2016-01-31
13,418 is pretty poor for January.   Less than half the goal rate.  Though this is all of Eugenia's narrative thread, and now I get to go write Blossom's, which could theoretically be easier.  I've had longer to get to know Blossom.

On the plus side, _Safely You Deliver_'s first-stage copy edit came back and got turned around.  The cover designer has been activated, quotation permission has been obtained, and it's feeling disturbingly real.

01 January 2016

Two hours late, and two thousand words short

Word count screenshot for 2016-01-01
56969 - 44859 = 12110
2016-01-01 - 2015-12-18 = 14

So ~ 85% of the goal rate.  Not too bad.  And that's the end of Eugenia's first narrative arc, so it feels like actual progress.