04 November 2015

Not so bad for a phone camera

Juvenile merlin in the Hawk Hill oak in High Park
Admittedly a phone camera with some help from a spotting scope.   This was the only raptor seen at today's hawk watch; the weather being entirely gorgeous means the migrants don't hit the lake or proceed along the shoreline.  (It would be interesting to see what a hawk watch along the shore of Lake Huron would be seeing this year.  Everything still seems to be funnelling over the Detroit River.)

October did actually happen.  I got to the Ixiasoft DITA CMS conference in Montreal; it was excellent.  It's cheering to see something I was involved in the beginnings of doing so well.  There was a federal election that avoided disaster.  (It might have been a good thing; ask me this time next year, after we know what happens to C-51 and a bunch of other issues where Liberal policy is at best dubious.)  I got a bit of cycling in.  Commonweal #3, tentatively Safely You Deliver, is off to copy-edit after acquiring more unicorn viewpoint.  (I may have acquired a bit of extra gibbering.)

I have at long last managed to pull apart the various narrative threats, err, threads, which are (I think) going to turn into Commonweal #4, #5, and #6.  There's a pile of notes, chunks of actual narrative of uncertain utility, the beginnings of a formal timeline, and somewhere past 10,000 words on #4 for the... fourth? I think fourth... time.  But it has a nice simple plot now, rather than trying to get everything into the one book.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing more Commonweal.

Samuel Kleiner said...

So awesome to know that there's multiple more books planned!

Graydon said...

Always glad to know people are looking forward to more!

The Commonweal's relatively open-ended at this point. I'm hoping my brain doesn't start throwing me notes and scenes for anything past #6 just quite yet, but I can feel the odd restive stirring. So am reasonably hopeful there will be more once I get there.