10 August 2015

The Waterfront Trail

 There are a lot of good things about the Waterfront Trail, starting with "it exists".  Even understanding "it exists" to be heavily qualified by the presence of shoreline estates, nuclear power plants, and the occasional feature of geography like McLaughlin Bay.

Still, the signage.  It's small, much of it is old, and, well.

Waterfront trail signs giving conflicting advice at a turn

I'm pretty sure that whatever actually placed the signs has real trouble thinking in only three dimensions.

Bicycle at Rouge Hill GO Station
Still, I made it; take the GO to Oshawa, ride back as far as Rouge Hill.  It's a better ride than it was, with the really alarming bits of Victoria St. in Whitby replaced by some quite splendid separated trail and the Halls Rd connection to Ajax having been paved.  (Not going west past Rouge Hill is a combination of my legs voting "done" and not wanting to deal with some combination of Kingston Road and the Hunt Club hole.  Maybe the cycle route plan for Toronto will do some good about Kingston Road in a useful time frame.)