31 May 2015

Committing book again

So it's not April and it's not quite May, either, but I've committed book again.

Available on Google Play Books

Egalitarian heroic fantasy.  Experimental magical pedagogy, non-Euclidean ancestry, and some sort of horror from beyond the world.

Available via Google Play Books.  (Google Play Books suffering mitigation for ePub downloads.)

Also available on:
  • iBooks
  • Nook -- gave up.  Nook does not play well with EPUB3.0 without introducing horrible back-compatibility features I want to stay away from.
  • Kobo
  • Inktera/Page Foundry
  • Scribd 
  • Tolino - there's no specific link; Tolino is a European device ecosystem, it looks like you have to be inside it to do anything, and I can't read German.  So I'm just going to hope any Tolino users can find the book if they want it.
  • Oyster - Oyster claims they work with Kindle Fire. 
Yes, that is the Draft2Digital list.  Yes, I will update the links as everything percolates through.  (I'm told iBooks can take weeks, and didn't want to wait.)  No, I won't be publishing on Amazon.  Amazon's thing-like-a-contract continues to be deeply alarming, while their payment mechanisms continue troubling.

I had intended that A Succession of Bad Days not rely on having already read The March North; this is a series book, you'll get more out of it if you have read the first book in the series, but it's not a tight series, this is not the same thread of the overall story, and it ought to be able to stand alone.  Various skilled and capable persons who have already read A Succession of Bad Days have expressed views strongly at variance with this hope of mine.  I can only recommend that if you try A Succession of Bad Days and feel lost, going back and reading The March North might help.

The Google version is DRM-free; the other sources all do whatever their default is, which is not likely to lack DRM.  For those who find the Google Play Books download setup incomprehensible, you are not alone and I have produced some instructions.


Caution is advised.

11 May 2015

Pelee swallows

The Marsh Boardwalk observation tower provides really excellent views of the nesting barn swallows.

Male barn swallow

Female barn swallow
I like how the female seems to be doing the maniraptoran second pedal claw thing.  I doubt the tension rod is feeling all that threatened, but maybe something is.