23 January 2015

Next Commonweal book -- A Succession of Bad Days

So it's about that time again.

I've got all of three written[1], people have read it, they have not informed me it is dire, dreadful, or despicable, so I can contemplate to publish Commonweal book two, aka A Succession of Bad Days. [2] Which means:

  1. send it out for critique by unfamiliar eyes
  2. get an ISBN
  3. get a cover
  4. copyedit
  5. generate EPUB
  6. make available 

Currently at "it is out for critique".

[1] I'm about forty thousand words into four.  Which bodes well for three happening on the hoped-for annual schedule.

[2] this is not a Line book; it's a go-to-sorcerer-school book.  The viewpoint finds out they're qualified to go to sorcerer school abruptly in a fashion not free from trauma, and things do not obviously improve for some time thereafter.


bjamesj said...

Based on a sample size of one, I look forward to my favorite books of 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Graydon said...

On the one hand -- what a wonderful response! Thank you!

On the other hand -- they're not all the same type of thing! they might not be all that similar! Oh, several mystical entities, this is so unlikely to be true...

ctate said...

BTW, is it possible to let you know about typos/gaffes in your epub of The March North? I'm happy to provide a list of such, and I'm pretty certain that Google Play Books will automagically update peoples' local copies if/when the published text is updated....

Graydon said...

It is completely possible to let me know about typeaux in the epub. There's an updated release planned for after A Succession of Bad Days escaping into the wild, and the more things that get fixed the better.


(Let me know if you need an email address to which you can send same.)

ctate said...

Excellent! I think I do need an email address or similar; this is so far the only venue I've found for contacting you, and I imagine you might prefer the Red Pen of Editing not be seen bleeding all over the comments section of your blog. :)

Since I'm commenting here under my Google account identity, can you see enough about me to send me email directly? If not then, um, how do we do this?

Graydon said...

I can't see enough about you to send you email.

I think my profile currently provides an email address; that ought to work.

ctate said...

Aha, so it does. Thanks!

FX: cue incoming