20 June 2014

Flowers and suffering

I went for a ~10 km walk today, which didn't involve any suffering at all; it was a lovely day and I'd been wanting to go for a photography walk for awhile.  The (probable) suffering is yours, since I took a very great many pictures and you're likely to be seeing a lot of flowers for the next little while.

Garden Flower, processed via UFRaw

Garden Flower, processed via Rawtherapee
Exactly the same raw image; I think I can plausibly conclude that Rawtherapee is now doing a better job of substituting for knowledge than UFRaw is.  (Which isn't all the surprising, since substituting for knowledge isn't what UFRaw is trying to do...)

Wild volunteers near Big Move construction
Totally not what it's for, but I like the way the DA200 takes flower pictures.  It's also very handy for flowers that are way over there, back of a fence.

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