22 June 2014

Big Move -- Strachan Overpass

South section of the Strachan Overpass lowered track west of Strachan 
Strachan Overpass associated lowered track construction
In order to be able to electrify the line up to Georgetown[1], Strachan Avenue had to rise up a couple metres, and the tracks had to go down a couple metres.  The resulting work is difficult to get a single picture of without some kind of aerial platform; there's two sunken four rail corridors between high sheer concrete walls and great big steel truss elements across the top, to distribute the force across the top of the pilings.  Looks very sturdy; it certainly has scale. I only hope that sufficient propitiation has been paid to the three chief gods of civil engineering.  (Drainage, Drainage, and Drainage, who are mighty gods, and ill to offend.)

[1] that is, the airport express rail link, much desired prior to the 2015 Pan Am games.

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