01 June 2014

Another one bites the dust

Optimism.  It's bad for you.

Fixing the rear derrailleur settings lead to, oh, perhaps 10km of really quite nice ride; Downsview station and then up and over along the hydro right-of-way trails just north of Finch.  Quite lovely.

What is not quite lovely is what happened when I stood on the pedals on a short upslope with bad traction. (loose dirt, bad traction.)
Warped Carbon-Ti 50t 110BCD chainring, outer face
Warped Carbon-Ti 50t 110BCD chainring, edge on
This is worse than the Praxis Works rings bent, which is disappointing; there was a gear position with the Praxis that didn't actually touch the front dérailleur, though of course it would have eventually.

Next tries are Surly (flat, stainless steel, shifting will suck) and WikWerks (aluminium, not hopeful at all, but rated for tandems and the shifting is supposed to be very good.)  Or I should just give up and walk more.

(If I ever have enough money and time to start a bike parts company, it's going to be called Ain't Race Day and make things where the point is to not fail, not to avoid those last five grammes.)

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