31 May 2014

I learnt something

At the OFO "see shorebirds with help!" at Hillman Marsh on May 5, the shorebirds were not especially co-operative.  (Four species.)  There were, however, buckets of ducks and at least one interesting gull.

GO trains fine, freight trains and everybody flies 
If you're very bored, you could try aging all the herring gulls
Probable first cycle Lesser Black-backed gull (upper bird)
I am pleased to report that the field marks for that gull -- a first-cycle Lessser Black-backed -- seem to have stuck.  The mouth of Lower Highland Creek is erratic for gulls; it depends on what this year's sandbars look like.

This year, there's a couple of big washed-down trees, and lots of gulls.  Mostly ring-bills, an unusually high proportion of herring gulls (the immature have to hang out with the ring-bills during breeding season?), and, well -- white undertail, pink legs, black bill, very dark mantle with some actual black colouring, particularly around the eyes, and slightly smaller than a herring gull, all visible in this bird.  "Distinct tail band" not visible but I'm willing to go with Lesser Black-backed anyway.

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