19 May 2014

Horse colour terminology warblers

Spring male Chestnut-sided warbler
Like the Bay-breasted, the Chestnut-sided's name refers to horse colour terminology.  I'm glad there isn't a roan warbler or a grey warbler, but can mostly handle these two.  And when they were named it wouldn't have been the least bit obscure, and at least the bird really is chestnut-sided.

Hundred percent crop, and the bokeh-ghosts of various other sticks give some indication why I'm pleased it's in focus at all.  Also from Trinity Bellwoods Park.


Mark Z said...

But do you mean red roan or blue roan?

Grullo Warbler FTW!

Graydon said...

Either. Unquestionably either.

Grullo warbler would be really neat, but I can't think of one.