29 May 2014

First flat with Marathons

Bicycle tyre showing embedded foreign object
In this case, Marathon Supremes.  Still, first puncture since 2011 isn't especially terrible.

object extracted from bike tyre
No idea what it is; it's not ferrous, and under a ten power hand lens looks decidedly porous, like clinker slag or some kinds of volcanic glass.  This is the fresh face; I have to suppose I got really unlucky with how some road gravel fractured.

Changing the tyre was no problem; I've been carrying spare tubes and tyre levers since 2011, too.  Forgetting the old tube, all neatly rolled up and back in the bag, is embarrassing, and I'm going to start carrying a magnet because fishing half the master link out of the grass wasn't fun at all.  The incumbent pliers, on the other hand, managed the task of extracting the sharp object from the tyre nearly perfectly.

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