11 March 2014

Seeing practice

Got out with the camera for the first time in ages, and tried to notice stuff.

It's been an actual winter.  Unlike many of the people I hear expressing opinions around me, this is filling me with hiraeth, because I don't think there are going to be many more.  We got this one out of the polar vortex collapsing, the trend is toward losing distinct Arctic and temperate air masses, I have no idea what kind of climate that will bring us but I expect that I shall live long enough that the Lady of the Ice shall not visit evermore.  I already miss Her and Her chill silences.

Looking for work (got any XML you want wrangled?), somewhere in book six, if the Blessed Novel is one and the Doorstop is two and three; four has been copy-edited and has a cover and been turned into an EPUB and I'm at the point of filling out forms and cursing the notion of an informative error message which seems to prevail in this sector of online commerce.

Bicycle tune-ups are taking place, the specific size of handlebars I want for the Experiment are the only size unavailable of that particular make and they're completely unavailable, indefinitely out of stock at the manufacturer, but I may have at long last discovered a cat-conveying solution for the Rickshaw.

So, not dead, doom no thicker than usual.


Mark Z said...

Some dog really loved that ball.

And thin doom, best doom.

Graydon said...

Entirely agree about the doom!

Though it didn't feel that way Friday, having to write python for a contract-job-possibility utility test.

Mark Z said...

Oh, dear.
Is there a fancy Welsh words for "concern for one's fellow conflicting with inadequately suppressed amusement"?

Graydon said...

It was of the form "take this away and..." so I had a whole internet.

(and probably, it being Welsh, but I don't know it.)

The main point of the test was XPath as applied to scraping stuff out of HTML, and XPath I know. So it may have gone well enough.