09 June 2013

There's been some errosion

I certainly do need to start cycling on days when it's not both nice out and a weekend.  I might even be managing to get enough things organized that I can, along with my ribs finally not being much inclined to complain.

Highland Creek has been experiencing some erosion; have 50mm of rain in a day, and I suppose that's bound to happen.  (A great many sections of path have developed wee crossing rills, too.  It's almost cute, though bumpy.)
 Fortunately, there was a usable though not ridable path around to the left, there.  Be interesting to see what, if anything, gets done to fix this.  (They may give up and entirely re-route the path.)

The Hypothesis at the parking lot/rest stop at Highland Creek Park.  (Notable for a water fountain with enough water pressure to allow straightforward filling of water bottles, no messing about with collapsible silicone bowls as bottle-fillers.)

Nothing's bent yet. Seat-post creep remains an issue, but I have hopes the section of seatpost under the clamp will eventually have just enough anti-seize on it to keep it from seizing and not enough to keep the seatpost clamp from working.  ("An issue" is a way to say "if this happens, I get sudden and very bad leg cramps.  I do not like this much.")

But, still lovely day, nice ride, I finally managed to get to the long stretch of path under the power line right of way without feeling like I was sure to die due to riding on arterial roads, and it's got longer.  Were they to connect up the one missing block, one could get most of the way to the zoo that way.  Lots of people doing wedding photography in the parks; the lovely sun-dappled background, the enormous numbers of blooming wildflowers, and the sections of vast dense fern understory make this highly explicable, but dogging somebody holding a light reflector and walking backwards on to the path is a new one for me.