16 September 2012

Some data points

A530 pedals; presuming they don't collapse in a heap sometime in the next 5,000 km, they're made of win.  Not fangy, easy to clip into and out of even with SH-51 cleats, not quite as thick as the M324s, and generally better support around the cleat.

High Sierra cranks -- wow.  A 17% increase in the pedal circle diameter makes a difference, or maybe a 30mm spindle and good bearings makes a difference; legs less sad, average speed up, comfortable rowing-along speed way up.  (Must figure out where to ride that isn't chock-full of people strolling about line-abreast in oblivious groups, though.  Fewer ten pound dogs who figure they can take me and the bicycle would also be welcome.)

Less good -- something about the whole process rattled the pluperfect out of the fenders and racks, so that I lost the left side front fender stay bolt, the left side rear rack bolt to the dropouts, and the left side rear rack bolt to the seat stays was about halfway out when the rubbing front fender clued me in that something was wrong.  Right side bolts were somewhat loosened but nothing like as bad as the left side.  More power transmission means more frame flex?  I have no idea.  I'll admit I use lots of anti-seize on the rear rack bolts but the front fender bolt was into a nyloc nut with no grease whatsoever; I'm kinda surprised it rattled loose!  (Had enough spares with me, but need to carry more.)

Also, first time down the new and improved Pottery Road; hit 52 kph while braking.  Less obviously suicidal than the old version, but still not a source of joy.  (that the up side is a separated lane is very much a source of joy.)

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