13 September 2012

A substantial relief

So after the spider-anodizer bent some, and the Post Office bent another, my High Sierra crankset showed up yesterday.

The prized out of the bubble wrap view, above,

 and this the taken-to-component-pieces view.

I'm told Campy cranks work this way, with the central spacer and bolting together.  It took a bit of fiddling to get the spacer to play nicely, and I was very glad I had the correct extension for the 6mm hex driver socket, but it did all go together and get torqued to the specified 50 Nm.

The pedals are Shimano A530s; the goal is to have something less fangy than the impressively durable but also wrapped in a thin strip of  stainless steel as is readily sharpened by encounters with curbs  M234s.  

All together again; I went round and round some lane ways (parts of Toronto stick lane ways between residential streets, and the garage is off the lane way) and managed to convince myself that toe clearance wasn't an issue, despite the SKS Longboard fenders or the 195mm crank arm length.  (Having completely failed to notice it as an issue despite repeated right-angled turns.)

Pedal clearance seems OK, too; the spreadsheet on the Sheldon Brown cite suggests I'd hit at 64.13mm, and the tip of the crank arm is 70.  So it's tight, but it's not too tight, or at least it doesn't seem to be so far.

Seat went down a bit, so I probably want to move one of the spacers up on the stem, too.

Also, to go for an actual ride and see if anything in the drive train bends, but so far, so good.

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