15 April 2012

Moving in

For the first time in my adult life, I'm going to have a kitchen sink at the right height.
This has required a certain amount of utilitarian rustic carpentry to build the sink stand, a second trip to IKEA to get the filter baskets which are not included in the box with the sink, and a whole lot of Not Paying Attention To The Cat.

The good thing about drilling and sawing and general carryings-on?  Cardboard.  Vast expanses of cardboard, from which the clearly deficient wood-obsessed monkey can be properly ignored in the "see? my paws are tucked up, I am indescribably relaxed" pose.

There's a good deal to go -- no bike bench yet, for example -- but it feels like progress and will feel more like progress when the washer and dryer get hooked up and the sink gets plumbed in over the next couple days.

1 comment:

Mark Z said...

"housekeeping" does not usually involve installing the sink. That would be housemaking. :-)