23 December 2011

Winter Bright Day

It was bright, too; clear and crisp and sunny.  But only modestly chilly, even with the wind, and not much like winter.

05 December 2011


Aoife's generally fairly tough to photograph, since she's a Stealth Cat.
Getting a shot of this pose -- her typical paw-over-nose-sleeping-on-the-top-of-her-head sleeping posture -- is especially tough because if she hears the camera, she wakes up and uncurls enough to look at me.  Clicky noises might mean something interesting, after all.

So I'm kinda pleased about this one, white balance issues and all.

01 December 2011


It's the sort of scene that makes me want a longer lens and a tripod and more time, instantly and all together, but it could have come out a lot worse.