10 October 2011

Autumn rose

The DA*55 is supposed to be a portrait lens; a direct APS-C replacement for the traditional 85/1.4 portrait lenses of yore.  It certainly has the suitable lovely bokeh.  What it doesn't have is any notion of mercy, producing extremely sharp images.  I suppose the Pentax engineers could have concluded that it's easy enough to blur it in post, and still rather harder to un-blur it in post, but the lens still feels a bit like it really wanted to grow up and be a macro lens, or even the first lens able to take direct images of sin.
In someone's (admittedly south-facing) yard on the eighth of October.  And yes, Toronto is the warm south, for Canadian values of the warm south, but still.  I am finding myself haunted by considerations of the transition rates of buffered systems when they finally do change state.

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