17 July 2011

Partial recovery from torpor

It's been wretchedly hot, and work has been alternating between "sooner than now!" and "twiddle, twiddle, wait for specification" and my general supply of neurons to rub together has been somewhat sub-optimal. So it has taken me awhile to get various things both on the bike and photographed.

Here we have the Experiment being held up by a combination of set brakes (those little dark lines around the brake levers are elastics) and a Click Stand.

Front end showing new front rack extensions; fitting a decaleur seemed somewhere between impractical, hopeless, and not helpful enough to be worth the expected effort, so I went for the Nitto rack extension for the Rivendell M1 rack.  The only thing I really mind is needing to offset the headlight; the centre hold is an attachment point for the extension on the to the M1 rack, and the bolt size is larger than that used by the headlight mount.
The now-usual luggage; front rando bag, courtesy of David Parsons, and the Arkel Tail Rider, which is being used as a tool-and-spares bag.
Demonstrating that I can still use the front low-rider rack, despite having half an octopus worth of stays holding the front platform rack on.
Now if only the humidex would dip below 30 for any length of time in daylight....

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