12 June 2011

Wondering where the lions are

The lions—at least so far as I was able to notice—were not out at the Zoo.  It's possible that it's still a bit chilly for them, or they're still shedding winter coat and not looking the least bit regal, I don't know.  But the lion enclosure, as a sort of "for the love of wisdom, child, don't climb this fence" last-ditch (well, right before the ditch, and a substantial plummet is the ditch) anti-stupidity measure has what I take to be wild roses planted along the "this is a far as you go" rail fence behind the "really, stop here" rocks.  And whatever it is, it's blooming.

It's the sort of flower that makes me want a better monitor, but, all caveats concerning the plasticity of memory notwithstanding, this is rather true to life as I recall it, sun-dapple and all.

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tumblehome said...

You go to the zoo but don't come see us? though given the week I've had, you might not want to risk karma contamination...