24 May 2011

Limitations of technology

This is mostly plausible, except for that somewhat sparse east-west straight line that involves walking on water:

and most of this is plausible, but the peak speed would require some explanation:
But, still, a reasonably representative depiction all in all.

Saw more birds than I want to type in; highlights include a pair of house wrens nesting in a concrete light standard, a cooper's hawk staring back down at me from its tree (a freaky experience; it might well be able to see my eyes through the binoculars, and was certainly acting like it could), some highly co-operative indigo buntings, two immense snapping turtles, and a great crested flycatcher holding still in unobscured direct sunlight for at least ten seconds.

Eighteen km of walking is much more work than fifty kilometers of cycling.

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