26 April 2011

What I hope I'm seeing....

In this kind of thing is that my fellow Canadians are plenty smart enough to figure out that if you want different policies than those of the Harper government, you don't vote for Iggy.  (Iggy would doubtless present them with less of a kitten-eating snarl.  But he's the tool of the Liberal party corporatism faction, which basically means Bay Street and Bell get whatever they want.)

And yeah, the NDP don't have experience governing.  And they can't count, in general, as well as having serious difficulties with what I would consider forward-looking policy in a number of areas.  We can plausibly hope for good advice from the federal civil service, and the NDP are most unlikely to approach the job with the kind of active malice either pro-corporate faction has.

What I really hope I'm seeing is the demise of the Federal Liberal Party and an eventual NDP/Liberal merger, as the populist wing of the Liberals slides to the left.  But that's far more in the land of hope than reason.

I'll be hoping for the Green Party to embrace the scientific method, next.

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