08 January 2011

Somewhere in this town...

There's a chunk of living space that matches the following checklist. But swelp me if I can figure out an efficient way to find it.

Want about 800 square feet if I can get it; under 700 is rash. Space allocation is to purpose; should not be considered a room count requirement.

Hallways, landing, etc. 50

Kitchen 80
□ - room for 3'wx2'dx3'h chest freezer
□ - double sink very nice
□ - room for 4'w x 3/2'd x 6.5' wire shelf
□ - fridge -- check innards?
□ - stove -- check the oven!
□ - place to put microwave
□ - at least 5' width of 30" high 3 shelf cabinets, or equivalent
□ - "seems usable" -- at least 10x10 or so, good work triangle, in good shape, etc.

Bathroom 80
□ - shower head height at least eye level - 180cm
□ - room for towel cabinet
□ - room for literbox

Bedroom 120
□ - at least 10'x12' (bed is 7'x8')
□ - double closet

Living 200
□ - can take the book pile
□ - can take the big shelf

Office 80
□ - at least 2 outlets; more is better

Hard Floor 100
□ - 75 square feet just does
□ - 100 would be better
□ - can readily get bicycles to the hard floor from outside and vice-versa

□ normal or greater ceiling height
□ cats permitted
□ TTC streetcar or Subway line
□ not really loud
□ heating system does not howl, blow cold air, etc.
□ laundry (ideally, washer-dryer hookups)
□ phone service! (Want to be able to get own dry line...)
□ NOT carpeted
□ balcony for Aoife
□ second exit

01 January 2011

New Year Resolution

Aoife's been trying to figure out this computer thing, and very carefully watching me type.
Which is good -- no hand batting, no assaulting the pointer on the screen, and great care not to step on the keyboard, because she knows it does something but not what -- and less good, should she figure out how to mail-order live mice, or, more plausibly, deduce that getting me to get up and throw things might be easier from this position.