08 September 2010

I live near three streetcar lines...

that are just starting to get unconfused.  Things have been very confused the last couple weeks and they still have the whole road-replacement step to go on Roncy, but there has been definite progress.

05 September 2010

Rose of Sharon

At least, I think it's Rose of Sharon.

From down at the bottom of Roncy, after mostly taking pictures of streetcar track construction.  The light was getting fairly dim by then but I think this still serves as a decent example of why I think the DA35 does a good job of flower purples.

04 September 2010


Opportunistic sunflower, opportunistic bee.

It was something of a pity what happened to the -- remarkably vigorous, and growing in a corner between two garages in a back lane -- sunflower as a whole, since various people appear to have hacked blossoms off it and hit it with cars, but there were two shining days back in August when it was a glory.