24 June 2010

So far, no frogs

So, the landlord sold the place; the folks busy renovating the restaurant on the ground floor have, over the last three weeks, managed to shut off—at, thankfully, different times—the hot water, the electricity, the gas, and my internet connection.  My front door has had total lock failure, and I have just tonight discovered that not only are the washer, dryer, fridge, printer, microwave, and computer on the same nominally 15 amp circuit (not for lack of trying to distribute the plugs, and indeed for reasons that are not immediately obvious in terms of wall socket geometry), I'm quite bad at spotting the blown fuse.

The new landlord asserts that he's going to be updating everybody's electrical service as a side effect of giving the individual apartments their own meters.  I am looking forward to that.

Also looking forward to Aoife calming down; yesterday's earthquake seems to have offended her sense of propriety and she's been moderately obstreperous since.

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