29 April 2010

On my way to fetch a book...

Killdeer seem to be just fine with parking lots, it's the people they can't stand:

Blossoms by the side of the road:

The book arrived courtesy of Canpar; I must say that getting zero brokerage charges (coming from the UK, as opposed to coming from the States), finding the package waiting at the security gate guard house, rather than having to wait 15 minutes (after waiting 2 hours to get to the front of the line), and the less-distant distant warehouse make me much more pleased with Canpar as a shipper than I am ever likely to be with UPS. (UPS is in the "if shipped only by UPS, do not buy" category by now.)

The book itself is Gulls of Europe, Asia, and North America by Klaus Malling Olson, out of print (as Gulls of North America, Europe, and Asia) from Princeton University Press but still in print in the UK as a Helm Field Guide.  This is the book on holoarctic gulls, and I can see that it will take me some time to absorb.

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