07 April 2010

An argument against jaywalking

I wound up walking home in the rain this evening, since the streetcars were stopped and the buses were detouring. This was why.  (Well, this, and the consequent four police cars, paramedic vehicles, etc.; no sign of an ambulance, which I hope means the pedestrian was already well on their way to hospital.)

I suppose this is also why I think carrying a camera all the time is a good idea; pictures present themselves, and if one does not have the camera, that's it, there's no taking them.  Even if one would prefer that it not be there to take.

It's a pity the waterproof cameras have no zoom to speak of; trying to take a picture while holding an umbrella with my chin is not my best skill.


Kai Jones said...

Another argument against: the time I saw a person walk into a safety-fenced open manhole because zie was too busy dodging traffic to notice the bright orange, chest-high safety fencing with blinking lights on it. And zie fell into the manhole, having pushed the fencing aside on the way while looking the other direction. :(

Graydon said...

Gracious, but that would be an embarrassing story for zie to tell when asked what was with the cuts and contusions (and quite possibly casts) and why zie was late. Yikes.