02 February 2010

Rock doves are ubiquitous for a reason

All the bird-feeder books have a page or so on "birds need water".  And, sure, they need water, but it's not immediately obvious just how much until one seems something like this.

If I had noticed the bird while taking this shot, I would have recomposed.  But I didn't.  (Not sure how I would have recomposed; lots of ugly concrete just past the far end of the waterfall.)

Birdless waterfall, perhaps looking that little bit more glassy.

Moving water would be a wretched thing to get photographically obsessed with, really it would.


Anonymous said...

Have you by any chance seen the set of photos Joe Decker did over the course of a year or two where he was obsessed with reflections of the sun in moving water? Some of them are really quite stunning, and it's an interesting example of that sort of photographic obsession as well.

Graydon said...

Haven't seen those; I shall attempt to keep it in mind. (Photography keeps turning out to be a wider country than I thought.)

Anonymous said...

Here's Joe's online photo gallery for that series.

I think this one is fairly exemplary of the general idea of the series, and clearly shows the theme that these are variations on.