07 August 2009

Upper East Don Valley on a Sunny Day

I've been meaning to do this for ages.
It turns out the long tongue of sidewalk as a traffic divider on Finch is not the ideal vantage; there's too many tall buildings and too much reflective glass. The upper—and I do mean upper, something like 15m of fall to the lower—sports field at a school between Finch and Van Horne gives a much better vantage, and that's where this was taken, frisbee football game and cricket practice in the background and all. If I get serious about this, I'm going to need a specialized tripod head, I can just tell.

The original is more than 15,000 pixels wide; a 223 MB TIFF file. (Thank you, hugin.)
Trim that in the GIMP (to get rid of the non-rectilinear sticky-outy bits), sharpen, and save as a PNG, and lo, 48 MB.
The posted version? 118 kB JPEG. 2068 pixels wide, which is a bit less than half one full frame shot from the K20D.
[Further scrunched by Google or Firefox to 1600x232, apparently. Sigh.]

It seems oddly wasteful, but here you go. Approximately 180 degrees of view.

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