24 August 2009

A Failed Experiement

But not horribly failed.
large composite building pictureThis was stitched together automagically by hugin from 36 exposures taken manually, without any kind of support. A couple of them weren't as low as they ought to have been, either; I tracked the wrong layer of windows a couple of times, leading to that blank wedge, which is not a stitching artefact.

So the front of the building isn't actually curved, the sky certainly didn't have rainbow streaks in it, and all the suspended cables do actually connect. The original is immense (59 MB as a fully-compressed PNG), and you can actually see people working behind some of the windows.
detail of workers through the windowThe full thing would never fit (and you wouldn't want to download it, either) but at most 1600 pixels seems to be max-width for photos on picassa, and therefore also for photos directly into blogger. So this is a 100% crop of the folks working, just as an example.

I now understand why there were such pleased noises that the K-7 has the focal plane marked on the outside of the camera body, and why people bother with specialized pano heads for tripods.

I have one more stitching experiment to go (a high window in Union Station) and then I should probably either stop this or start trying to get it right.

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