30 July 2009

New Digs

The Metro Zoo's -- I think it's officially the Toronto Zoo these days, since Metro Toronto got mushed into Toronto some time since, but the habits of childhood are hard to alter -- new Tundra Exhibit opened today. It's a replacement for the old polar bear exhibit, which was becoming structurally decrepit. (So were the bears, who had been there since the zoo opened and were in their late twenties.)
The new exhibit is much larger and designed to allow more bears and breeding, which is a reaction to figuring they might be extinct in the wild in ten years if the nasty end of the sea ice projections turns out to be correct.
The exhibit is well done, and gets bears and wolves and foxes and owls all in one place where they're much more visible. (The wolves, for example, used to be down the bottom of the Canadian Domain hill, which is something of a hike.) On the other hand, it looks about as much like tundra as your typical suburban lawn.
Slippy rocks! More than one pool!
Room for a good amble!

Much, much better sight lines for photography.

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