29 July 2009

An illusion of depth

The rendering from the FA31 Ltd. is notoriously difficult to describe, and the term "3D" is often used. It's not; it's a photograph, and flat as a flat flat thing in its essentials, but certainly one can tell which thing is in front of the other thing.

So I decided to take some shots with the DA35 to see what I thought of the equivalent effect; I'm just not a walk-around-with-normal-lens type of photographer, so I don't use the DA35 for streetscapes and candids of passer-by and such; I tend to use it for very close, colourful things.

A great many purple flowers
The concreted-against-further-water-pooling-and-rot top of a post. Post and flowerbed are in front of the Golden Lion Tamarin outdoor enclosure of the Americas Pavilion of the Metro Zoo.

Really not much to complain of in the effect of depth or the bokeh here.

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