24 July 2009

Hard Rain

Aoife is convinced (probably correctly) that there is a mouse in back of the stove in the kitchen. This has resulted in her displaying a great deal of very focused behaviour, which I took advantage of last night to remove the screen (and the fan) from my bedroom window, so I could take some unobstructed pictures of the deluge in the dark.
These are long exposures off a tripod; 4s, 4s, and 15s. (The first two images in this post are different processing treatments of the same raw image.) I was both surprised by how much came through—more green than I see with my eyes, for instance—and how fragile the images are; they have very flat histograms, and there isn't much actual information space for post-processing to move around in.
The un-tweaked version, very yellow sodium light and all.
The tweaked version, which was an attempt to get more of the character of the rain to come through.
There's a tree in the way, but you can hopefully discern the very wet playground to the right of the submerged parking lot with the rain still hammering down on both.
Panned to the right; that's my back fence, various bits of diverse trees, and what I hope continues to be an impression of rain.

I thought this was a very interesting exercise, if not completely successful in its results; if I ever manage to get somewhere with clear skies, I'm going to have to try to get a starry sky.

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