26 July 2009

Bokeh with Purple Flower

I wish all my snapshots turned out like this.


Keith said...


In an odd coincidence, there's a themed photo "contest" on Facebook and one of the categories is bokeh. I had never heard of the term before, but then I ran across this on your blog by coincidence.

In an all-too-brief patch of late-afternoon sunlight yesterday, I took some shots trying to get a bokah effect. If interested, see: www.captmondo.com. Only the first one has the effect I was looking for.

And there's a decent shot of a Common Red Soldier Beetle you might appreciate as well.



Graydon said...

Your July 19th mayfly is probably a better example of bokeh than the deliberate flower shot. (The sort of thing that's blessed difficult to do on purpose, and sometimes just happens... :)

Bokeh is a tricky thing; function of lens focal length, focus distance (the further that is, the wider the plane of focus), and lens design (number and shape of aperture blades in a refractor lens). Generally, it's harder to do the smaller the sensor is, too.