02 June 2009

Cool and damp

It's been unseasonably cool and rather wet bytimes; this cuts down on Aoife's balcony time even more than the human's totally unreasonable desire to close the balcony door at night and avoid the house filling up with raccoons. (Diverse arthropods, squirrels, enterprising night-flying pigeons, etc.) So even when the thing is still sheened with water, she's out there the minute the door can be caused to open, and snorlfing at anything changed. In this particular cas
Here we have the "it's raining again; why can't you fix the weather, Defective Monkey?" look.
Here we have the great fallback of feline equanamity, sleep.
Someday I'm going to manage to get a good picture of the paw-over-nose, tail-over-paw pose, but for now, this will have to do.

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