02 June 2009

Approximate butterflies

The Malaysian Woods pavilion at the Metro Zoo has butterflies free-flying throughout; this presents some excellent photographic opportunities, but it also means butterflies arranged in ways that make the—otherwise quite reasonable—lighting sub-optimal, and there's a steady tide of people through the place, which contribute to the photographic challenge of it all.
This is the first time I've had a bunch of butterfly pictures that I think have something to them. I'm likely to be subjecting you, O reader, to a diversity of them over the next week or so.
Those leaves in the background really are painted on the wall. This one is a 100% crop; there was stuff in the way, so getting closer was not an option.
This is a considerably downscaled—factor of three or so—image; it was taken through bamboo slats, on an up angle, towards a skylight. But that's where the butterfly was, I was kinda pleased to have spotted it through the bamboo slats, and the K20D has done very well for me in terms of managing the exposure. The unfortunate haze to the left is the shadowy presence of one of the bamboo slats; didn't quite have the camera aligned properly. Someday I will figure out how to think of the centre of the image and the edges at the same time.

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