11 May 2009

Folly of the young

So here we have a juvenile black squirrel, on the balcony.
On the balcony with door open and Aoife already on the balcony. (We must suppose the little guy is mighty hungry.)
Aoife does not entirely believe what she is seeing. Or perhaps she thinks I think she's expected to eat that for lunch, I don't know.
Some deep instinctive prompting kicked in and the wee squirrel attempted to escape.
See that bit of wire in the lower left of the first picture?
This is it, complete with juvenile squirrel hanging over eight feet of drop. (The adult squirrels dive for the currant tree.)
A necessary pause for the recovery of composure.
"Getting food is hard!" Or at least mildly frightening.


Anonymous said...

oh, awesome, awesome, awesome. especially with the last picture capping it off. :D

Graydon said...

Thank you!

There are two of these little guys showing up in the back yard, and they're awfully cute, but seem to be completely lacking in anything like a sense of self-preservation.

I got very lucky to get a shot of 'squirrel on a wire' in focus; he was thrashing around pretty hard trying to figure out how to climb coat hanger before taking the wee plummet.

Keith said...

A story well-told in pictures.

And I agree with pir-anha that the last one in particular really caps it off.