07 April 2009

Stretching a point

My actual first observed robin of spring was a succession of eight or nine robins along a grassy verge on the way back down from Markham on the bus; that happened last Tuesday.
But this is the first robin I've seen in my actual yard, so I suppose it gets to be the official First Robin of Spring, there in its blowing snow.

I'm getting better at picking birds out of thickets; it helps that the contrast is much better (male robin against pale branches, rather than brown sparrow against brown branches) and the range a good bit shorter. (10m versus 30m.)

Both ISO 800, 1/15s, 800mm/F8, hand-held. So, yes, these are the best two of ten, but I'm going to be pleased with myself anyway. Even for the K20D and anti-shake, that's pushing the envelope at least medium-hard.

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