10 April 2009

Firmware Upgrade

So Pentax has released firmware 1.03 for the K20D.

It is alleged that "The following content have been improved in Version 1.03 Improved the accuracy of SR (Shake Reduction) function."

Well, perhaps it has; I have no idea how to test that. (Ride on really rattly machinery?)

What does show is that the autofocus is much faster; my historical rate for getting "point camera with autofocus lens at flying gull; mash button" to produce a focus lock and trip the shutter is about 1 in 5, maybe 1 in 6. Today, post-upgrade, it got them all.
Continuous autofocus is doing rather better, too. It's not getting confused by all that stuff behind the gull.
Tracked this one behind the out-of-focus branches. That would have lost the lock on the 1.01 firmware.
Slightly past straight up.

I've been very pleased with the increased speed of the focus confirmation, too; it makes using the manual focus mirror lenses much more straightforward.

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