01 March 2009

Emerging from the darkness

Pretty close to what it actually looks like.
She does love her sunbeam. This second one is brighter than it really was in the hopes of leaving the evidence of good circulation in her ear evident.

These may constitute some slight evidence that I'm learning something; use of histograms to avoid clipping highlights and shot in TAv mode, rather than letting the camera decide absolutely everything.

For her part, Aoife has stopped paying any mind to the camera shutter sound. Makes getting snoozle-kitten pictures much simpler.


Genevieve la flechiere said...

China had beautiful delicate pale ears, that would flush pinky-red when she was warm and contented, and you could see every artery and capillary. It was lovely. Much missed. Gf/EB

Graydon said...

It's very unusual for me to be able to see through Aoife's ears like that; it takes a very direct sunbeam.

I normally know when she's warm and contented because she is lying on her side and has her front paws tucked up. It's dreadfully cute but camera sounds cause departure from the pose.

Little furry hostages to fortune, the lot of them.