17 February 2009

Sullen Giant Goat

Really; musk ox are in Caprinae. They've also had a major Quaternary loss of diversity, reasons not properly established.

It is perhaps unfair of me to describe this fellow as sullen; musk-ox are social, and so far as I know, the Metro Zoo has only the one individual, so this is just as likely to be loneliness as a fit of sullen.
In some ways this is a very feline pose with a lot of lateral flexing.
Nose up.
From a musk-ox perspective, it was a warm day. So this might have been an attempt to pick a sunny spot.

There's no way to get above the second fence, there, hence the very many shadows from the inner fence wire. Not quite annoying enough to make me want to learn to use all-terrain snow stilts.

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