20 February 2009

Mrs. Cardinal

Rokinon 800mm/f8, 1/125s, ISO 400
I really wish I could get a long mirror lens with Pentax coatings. (Well, current-generation Pentax SMC coatings, better manual focus, autofocus, aperture control, and a larger maximum aperture, more or less in that order. C'mon, Pentax—DA 800/f4 for not more than 2 kCAD, you know you want to!)

This is the one actually crisp image out of 14 shots; focus confirm is a fine thing, but it has trouble with shooting into a thicket in a snowstorm. About half of the images would be useful for "what bird is that?" purposes.

And, really, twitchy manual focus, handheld 800mm, through a filthy bedroom window, through falling snow, and into a thicket, after a bird declining to hold still; I should be—and am, really—pleased that I got one decent result.

But, dammit, I ought to be able to do better than that.

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