10 January 2009

They don't all fit

I am now getting an unquestioned flock of goldfinches, so that they don't all fit on the finch feeder.
At one point today, I had goldfinches on the platform feeder, the peanut feeder (strictly as a queuing position), the finch feeder, and the seed-husk strewn snow of the balcony.
You know it's been cold for awhile when the goldfinches are eating the oilseed.

Tangentially, it must be unpleasant to be a small bird and have your head moulting in January, which is clearly what's going on with these guys. They don't seem to mind, and I'm getting lots of transitional pictures, and so far suppressing the temptation to find a source of the carotene for glare orange and put in their thistle seeds.

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