21 January 2009

Camera unavailable

I have learned to look up when the birds at the feeder stop cheeping, and especially if they explode outward in all directions.

It was a mature redtail hawk; despite going out on the balcony, I could not spot landing marks, so either the snow is tough (given the squirrel ditch, I doubt it) or the hawk did not actually land. I assume the squirrel made it under something, probably the currant tree.

It did row back out across the parking lot and perch briefly in a tree, but by the time I got the camera in hand and myself back to a window, it was gone.

Aoife was at her perch by the balcony sliding doors; I think she was a bit freaked out by the Giant BIRD! because she wanted petting after I went downstairs, but has reverted to her regular insouciant self.

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