09 December 2008

It seems appropriate

to send M. Dion a thank-you note, for his work in creating the coalition and determination to serve Canada.

St├ęphane Dion, M.P.
750 Marcel Laurin Boulevard, Suite 440
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
H4M 2M4

An enormous amount of good will has just been squandered by his colleagues, to our collective considerable cost.


orc said...

Did the opposition coalition just evaporate, or did the liberals just decide that it would be just grand to be lead by a neocon?

piranha said...

man, this PISSES ME OFF. what the hell is wrong with the liberals?

Graydon said...

The liberals -- despite all but one (Ig) members of caucus signing the petition to the Governor General in support of the coalition -- have decided that they want to be lead by a neocon, in the fourth election in four years, because otherwise they will have socialist cooties or something (The business wing of the Liberals really doesn't want to move to the left) or because the credit would reflect on Dion (who is a geek; can't have competence trumping social networks! that would never do...)

The coalition would have held fine if the Liberal Party had not been determined to scuttle it.