02 December 2008

First, find some stamps

I am not sure it counts are participating in democratic processes—I'd have to be sure they'd open it—but it seems like the appropriate thing to do.

The Honourable Yasmin Ratansi,
Member of Parliament for Don Valley East
220 Duncan Mill Road
Suite 211
Toronto, ON M3B 3J5

2 December 2008

Cc:Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)
10 St Mary Street, Suite 205
Toronto, ON
M4Y 1P9

To Yasmin Ratansi, Member of Parliament for Don Valley East, Greetings!

Firstly, I am writing to express my support for the proposed coalition government with the New Democratic Party. I believe that directly addressing the present economic situation is of the utmost importance for the long term well being of Canada and Canadians. I further believe that such a coalition would better accomplish good economic ends than the present Conservative minority government.

Secondly, I am writing to express how completely, utterly, and irredeemably Mr. Michael Ignatieff is unacceptable as a possible Liberal Party leader. It is a stain on the honour and reputation of the people of Etobicoke—Lakeshore that they should consider him, a public and prolonged advocate of torture and aggressive war, fit for any fashion of public service whatsoever. He is most certainly not fit to serve as party leader or Prime Minister of Canada.

Should the Liberal Party select Mr. Ignatieff as leader, I would find myself unable to support any Liberal candidate for any elected position whatsoever, until the party should be dissolved and replaced by an organization more worthy of the trust of Canadians.


Graydon Saunders

If anyone has better web-fu than me and can find the actual riding association's postal address, I'd appreciate being let to know.

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