22 December 2008

Clever Rodent

This batch are in for a lot of blown backgrounds, because I foolishly left the ISO set at 800 from last night's attempts to get a useful picture of a cardinal at dusk.

What we observe here is a squirrel:

  1. clinging to the anti-pigeon matting with its back feet
  2. holding up the weight-sensitive lever that blocks seed access with one front paw
  3. stuffing its face with the other paw
I removed the anti-pigeon matting. (None of the squirrels are looking much other than sleek and plumptious, and there are many of them. Bad enough that I'm feeding starlings.)


piranha said...

*laugh*. those little buggers.

Graydon said...

Removing the pigeon mat worked!

Though the level in the peanut feeder is dropping briskly, it's unclear whether I should be blaming the squirrels (possible, though they seem to have to work really hard for it), the starlings (who almost, but not quite, have the beak for it, and seemed more peeved than usual but not lacking in determination), or lots of hungry woodpeckers and nuthatches (who are the intended audience).

It's a good thing peanuts are cheap!