13 October 2008

Small Blue Flower

It is this season, too; stubborn field flowers still blooming away until, perhaps, the frost kills them, or they set those few more seeds that lead to there being a few more of their kind in the mix of plants next year.
Don't have the least idea what this is; the flower is very small, perhaps an inch across, and the stalk was easily a meter tall, and had more flowers than this one, which was half way up one side.
One of the FA100 Macro pictures that make me ever so glad I went for the last FA over the DA100, modest price premium or not, and aluminium brick or not.


pir-anha said...

chicory (cichorium intybus), also called blue sailors or coffeeweed. yes, that's the chicory from which the coffee substitute is made.

Graydon said...

Oh, hey! A plant I have heard of! I might even have known it had blue flowers.

Thanks, fishy!