24 October 2008

Done with engines

It turns out the time frame over which I can emulate three people is about eighteen months.

That's a shot of my just-today former cube at AMD, reflected off the (ground floor) window at 06h30 in the morning Thursday.

I was there, counting the ATI and the AMD together, almost exactly four years of full time employment; it was three months longer if one counts the initial paternity leave replacement contract position. Job title went from "Technical Writer (contract)" to "Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineer"; responsibility went from an API document to an XML content management system. (Writer productivity up by a factor of 2.5; per-delivered-word localization costs down to about 40% of pre-CMS levels. I think I did a pretty good job of the CMS functional design.)

But, well; the CMS user support and systems administration, XSL programming, and content process evangelist jobs really should be different people, and AMD has been understandably frugal about hiring the last while. I figured it was better to wander off before I had a really comprehensive composure failure.

I may be getting better at regarding myself as non-fungible.

Anyone who wants either of those last two jobs done, though; let me know.

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