21 September 2008

In which Graydon commits postcard

Given more time, I could get the sky in there; lots of exposure brackets suitable for HDR. Even lots of software suitable for HDR, but lack of tripod means it would need a good deal of tweaking, drat it.

There's a park below Edinburgh castle, and that's where I wound up when I absented myself from the Intro to XSL session at a conference I was just at in that fair city. (I maintain about a megabyte and a half of production XSL code. Intro to subject not required.)


Anonymous said...

europe is _meant_ for committing post cards. :)

did you enjoy your visit? i am envious; never been to scotland.

orc said...

The photo angle is wrong for postcardification; if the camera was turned ~150° counterclockwise, it would be pointing at Princes Street and the tramway construction there.

Where's the conference at? It looks like you're down at Princes Street & Lothian Road in that picture -- were you doing a loop around the castle?

Graydon said...

I did indeed enjoy my visit, though it didn't involve any significant playing tourist.

The conference was in a hotel on Charlotte Square; I was down in the West Princes Street Gardens when I took that picture, so somewhat east of Princes & Lothian.

There is no actual tramway construction going on; they're still at the "find all the buried pipes" stage. Apparently (according to native guide) they managed to lose track of a lot of buried gas line and cable in the 50s and 60s.